Invaluable freestyle trick tip from Shane Rouse in Skateboard! magazine, November 1988. So yeah, modern street skating is basically just freestyle…

LDN OG. LLSB. Curtis McCann gets close to finding Animal Chin, back in August 1989. That’s a tweak, man. Tim Leighton-Boyce saw it coming.

Matt Stewart, 1989. Could be nowadays.

1997, and Paul Shier is pro for Panic. It’s all about the pop out.

Conceptual philosophy from Skate Action, April 1990. Still makes sense.

Trick tips from August 1991, courtesy of Skate Muties form the 5th Dimension.

Before Dan Cates and Simon Woodstock, we had Ged Wells. October 1988, Rad magazine.

10 o’clock, one day in November 1988. Skateboard! magazine, so either Meany or Skane behind the lens.

September 1989, and Tom Knox gets Intro’d to the readers of Rad magazine - just before his ridiculous Risk It section smashed into our eyeballs.

OG British shoe company Hogs, by OG British complete-board company Pacer. A British company making everything was pretty incredible for 1988.